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It’s not a secret that I am one of Jonesboro’s most tech-savvy Realtors. I work with some really sharp people like yourself…aware that the world we live in is changing and the way we do business is changing; which is why it is so important to work with a REALTOR who thinks outside the box.

Hiiii!!! 😉

My unconventional ways and willingness to embrace technology has led to me being able to help clients unlike anyone else.

I work to sell listings faster and I want those searching to buy to be in the know AS SOON AS properties become available for sale…The real estate market, here in Northeast Arkansas, is fast paced and aggressive.

Once I realized that there was a problem with websites having delayed information and saw how frustrated buyers were after missing out on property after property, I decided it was time that I provide a service to sellers and buyers unlike anyone else out there! I spent months creating a website that allows you to search for properties, yet provides customization options unlike any of the other real estate search sites.

Like you, I get annoyed by irrelevant emails about properties being listed that do not meet my needs. You’ll agree that this is most user friendly and up to date search site you will have ever used.

Jonesboro Real Estate Guide integrates with out local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – providing a LIVE feed, no delays. Once an agent lists a property on the MLS it will display on this site.

Customization Options are ALL FREE to You. Your account allows you the options to:

-Save Searches

-Opt In to emails that notify of you new listings that meet your specified criteria

-Choose how often you are emailed (Daily, 2 days, weekly, ect.)

-Save you favorite properties

-and many more!!!

As always you will have 24/7 access to ME!

I am here to help!


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